Manage Covers

Usually book covers are contained in ebook files and you don't need to store them separately. In Alfa you can select to create cover thumbnails. They will be stored in the database and you still won't have any separate cover files.

But if you want to preview big covers or beautiful 3D Books in Alfa, you need to store separate cover files, and Alfa provides multiple tools for managing these covers.

Covers folder

The most convenient way is to create one separate folder for all cover files. Thus all new covers will be saved to this folder automatically. You can set this folder in Tools -> Options. Otherwise Alfa will promt you every time to choose the location for each new cover.

Creating big covers

There are several ways to create covers:
- extract covers from metadata during Scan or File Parsing
- download covers from book site during Web Update
- attach cover image in the Book Card -> Cover tab (you can attach two images for Front and Back cover)
- get cover from Google Images (also in Book Card -> Cover)

Renaming covers

You can rename each cover file (using template) separately in the Book Card -> Cover tab.

To rename multiple covers, use File Manager

Moving covers

You can move each cover file separately in the Book Card -> Cover tab.

To move multiple covers you can use File Manager, but it allows to move covers only together with books.

If all your covers are stored in one folder, there is more easy way:

1. Copy covers to a new folder in Windows' File Explorer
2. Open in Alfa menu Tools -> File Finder
3. Select the new folder where your covers are located
4. Check the box Include Book Covers
5. Run the process - it will find cover files (by filename or MD5) and update paths in the database
6. In the Tools -> Options change the path to covers folder, so that new covers were saved to it