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May 04, 2023

So please if you like Alfa please open Microsoft Store, search for Alfa Ebooks Manager (or just click here) and give us some stars or even short review. Thank you!
April 08, 2023

We asked the popular artificial intelligence service ChatGPT to give top 3 ebook management software and it returned the three winners with short reviews. We are proud that Alfa Ebooks Manager is among them. You can try it yourself. ***
June 16, 2022

Popular German offline magazine Computer Build included the review of Alfa Ebooks Manager in June 2022 issue. We are not very good in Deutsch, but hope that they like our software and wrote some good words about it :)
April 16, 2021

Users often ask us how to set up the Internet access to Alfa's Web Server. Almost all router manufacturers now provide cloud access service, and if you have a modern router (that supports DDNS - Dynamic Domain Name System) you can connect to your local network via the Internet. ***
September 18, 2020

Because of recent Amazon's activity to disallow book metadata parsing we decided to add Goodreads to Alfa's list of integrated book sites. It contains almost all books that are available on Amazon and works faster. Besides, we added a history of search queries to the Web Update tool.
August 15, 2020

Hi, we have created an Android app - Alfa ISBN Scanner, that will help you quickly add your paper books to your e-Library. ***
November 29, 2019

We dramatically improved the speed of web update from Amazon, Google Books and most of other websites. Now the web search quickly parses and shows search results with primary book data. And only when you update or preview a book, the detailed information is parsed and downloaded. ***
September 04, 2019

New Publish Date
We realized most requested feature – flexible Publish Date. Now it’s divided into three fields and allows to enter only year, or year/month, or exact date. It also can be empty and can contain publish dates earlier than 01.01.1753 (these were limitations of Microsoft’s free database engine). ***
February 05, 2019

Dear friends!

We did a lot of work to create the new Alfa 8. It's built on the enhanced engine, that allows to work faster even with large libraries. We also implemented new user interface - more clean, polished and comfortable with color scheme customization. ***
July 08, 2017

Dear friends,
We are happy to introduce the new major version - Alfa 7. Here are the main new features:

Web Reader
Web Reader is available in the web interface. It allows to open and read pdf, epub, mobi, fb2, djvu, txt ebooks in browser in your local network. It supports also mobile browsers, so you can read from your phone. ***
July 21, 2016

We are happy to release the new version - Alfa 6. And here are the most important new features and changes:

New Ribbon Interface
More suitable like in modern Microsoft applications. With new Books View toolbar.

Ebook converter
It supports the most popular ebook format conversion directions and we'll add more in the following updates. ***
April 01, 2016


As we see more and more users switching from Calibre to Alfa, we decided to create a new "Import from Calibre" tool. Until now Alfa allowed to scan Calibre library but now it imports book data right from the Calibre database. The full book metadata is imported.

You can find this new tool in the menu: File -> Import from -> Calibre
March 25, 2016

Meet the new Alfa 5.9. It's a free update, but includes some very important features:

We refactored scan to make it more quick and stable. Now Alfa creates cache (like a search engine), so when you rescan your library, the process goes very quickly. ***
October 02, 2014

Dear Friends!

We are happy to introduce you the new version of Alfa Ebooks Manager - 5.5. We fixed some bugs and added some new features that were most requested. This is FREE update, and you can get the download link here:

First of all we added built-in Ebook reader. ***
May 12, 2014

Alfa now allows to create a top list of authors that you like most. How does it know this? Well, it knows how many books by each author you have in your library. The more books are linked to an author, the more likely you like this author. ***
April 17, 2014

Dear users!
We are glad to introduce you the new version Alfa Ebooks Manager 5. In this release we fixed some bugs and added a bunch of new usefull features. Here is the list of them:

OPDS Web Server
From now you can access your library, browse, search, view and download your books via LAN or Wi-Fi from any computer or mobile device. ***
December 13, 2013

Unfortunately the book collection software Bookcat was discontinued. But luckily there is Alfa Ebooks Manager that you can use instead. We received a lot of queries to create import from Bookcat, and now it's ready. ***
May 08, 2013

If you have a blog (especially if it's dedicated to reading and books), we have a good idea for you. Maybe it would be interesting for your readers to find out about Alfa Ebooks Manager? Why not?

In this case, we can provide you with a free Alfa license, so that you could evaluate our software by yourself. ***
February 28, 2013

At last we have finished the new version and hope you'll like it. As usual we added the most demanded features and fixed several bugs. Here is the list of the main new features:

New sleeker design
Content is the King! We followed this trend and now your library will get more space and more attention. ***
November 12, 2012
Today our first Windows 8 (Metro) app - Gooreader has been approved and added to the Windows Store. Recall, it's an app for reading Google Books with pleasure.

You can get this app here:
September 01, 2012

In October Microsoft will launch Windows 8. And we are happy to announce that we have rebuilt Alfa Ebooks Manager 3 to make it compatible with Windows 8. And you know what? It works much faster that on the older Windows versions.
July 22, 2012

Dear friends!

We are constantly working to improve Alfa Ebooks Manager, but sometimes health problems don't allow us to be productive enough. ***
May 11, 2012

So here's why it took us so long to release a new version: we have done more than 40 improvements and fixes in Alfa 3. ***
November 29, 2011


We are happy to introduce you our new product - Kindlian. It's a Windows-app for managing book and collections on Kindle. ***
October 21, 2011

Dear friends!

We are happy to introduce you the new version Alfa Ebooks Manager 2.5. It looks like a major update, but we decided to deliver it for FREE. Here is the list of the new features:

1. Completely rebuilt Library Explorer. It works like the MS Outlook sidebar: you can show or hide buttons, transform buttons into icons or vice versa. ***
September 08, 2011

Good day everyone!

We continue to improve Alfa Ebooks Manager without having a rest. Today we are launching the regular update - AEM 2.4. It's available for free for all AEM 2 users. ***
August 12, 2011

Hi there!
We have released the new minor update - AEM 2.3. It's available for free for all AEM 2.0 users

Though we were generally fixing issues that you have found in the version 2.0, we have also added some new (or for somebody - old) features, like Wall View, Drag-n-Drop support, etc. ***
July 16, 2011

So why did it take us so long? Because back in 2010 we decided to fully rebuild the Alfa's platform in order to make it more fast, stable and extensible. Now we will be able to add new features more often (just give us the summer vacation :).

So, what's new in Alfa 2.0?

First of all it now requires .Net Framework 4.0, but not 3.5. ***
July 13, 2011

Hi, we are already on the finish line with the new version! And one of the great news about the new AEM is that it will provide the FREE version.

We decided to publish this FREE version a couple of days before the official release, so that you could test and give us some quick feedback. ***
March 27, 2011
January 10, 2011
We are happy to announce that integration plug-in with is ready. is a Dutch online retailer, specialized in books, both Dutch and English. It's the largest and most popular online retailer in the Netherlands.

Our users from Netherlands often requested integration with this site and we know how it's important for book lovers to update books from the most popular local book site. ***
December 08, 2010

We have dramatically enhanced the Amazon integration plug-in that enables to update book data from this most popular online book store in the world. Until now we provided 4 separate plug-ins for,,, And it was impossible to search on there 4 sites at the same time. ***
September 01, 2010

Specially for the new school season we announce the new discount program for students. From now all students can save 50% of Alfa Ebooks Manager regular price.

If you are a student, just send request to support@alfaebooks. ***
July 02, 2010

As you know, Alfa Ebooks Manager allows to update book data from most popular book sites, including Amazon, Google Books, Barnes&Noble, Oreilly and some others.

Now we want to expand this list first of all by national non-English book stores. ***
May 28, 2010

We are happy to announce the new update - Alfa Ebooks Manager 1.9. It's not so revolutionary as the previous one but includes a lot of small improvements, requested by our customers. Besides, with this update we start adding new design themes, so that the software could better fit your style. The first is DARK THEME. ***
April 22, 2010
We really like to talk to our customers and always reply to questions that you send us. But we also need some time to develop new features in Alfa Ebooks Manager. That's why we created the Online Help, that's available in the Support section. There you can find answers to most questions about the software that are usually replied by our support. ***
April 10, 2010

We have received a lot of positive feedback during the beta testing and finally we are happy to announce the official release of the new Alfa Ebooks Manager 1.8. We hope, you'll love it and appreciate your support. ***
April 03, 2010

Thanks for all, who is taking part in the AlfaEbooks Manager 1.8 beta testing. We have fixed some issues and added some new features requested by beta-testers. In particular, we have added the batch Web Update tool, so you will be able to update multiple books from the Web by ISBN.

We have built the new AlfaEbooks Manager 1.8 demo. ***
March 20, 2010

At last we are ready to introduce the new version of AlfaEbooks Manager. It's really the new generation of our software, so we decided to increase the version number by one level: from 0.7.5 to 1.8. We have implemented a lot of new features and dramatically improved the software performance. ***
November 23, 2009

Ok, in January we are going to unveil the new major release of Alfa Ebooks Manager. During the last two months we were collecting your feedback and requests and now we can exactly list the new features and changes in the next version of our ebook organizer. ***
November 11, 2009

Like any popular program, Alfa Ebooks Manager has the cracked version. But unlike most cases when it's possible to use cracked software, our ebook organizer has the perfect anti-hacker protection. Here are the 3 top reasons of why you shouldn't install the hacked version. ***
September 24, 2009
As you know, we rely on Shareit as on our primary e-commerce partner. It's the most secure and reliable e-commerce platform that provides a variety of payment and delivery options and guarantees a high quality of service. But it has very strict anti fraud policy, and that's why sometimes our buyers have problems when ordering on Shareit. ***
September 22, 2009
As Windows software developers we are looking forward to the Windows 7 release on October 22. And we have already prepared for this event. Today we have finished our tests for our e-book manager compatibility with the new operation system. The tested version was current Alfa Ebooks Manager 0.7.5. As it works on top of .Net Framework (3. ***
August 18, 2009

Today we have released a new version of Alfa Ebooks Manager 0.7.5. Here are the most interesting updates in the software:


Of course any book lover has favorite books that should be stored separately. Until now you were able to create book ratings and access the best books by sorting the whole e-library using the Rating option. ***
August 12, 2009
Amazon - is the most popular online book store among Alfa Ebooks Manager users. With the help of Amazon search plugin we are able to retrieve book data (title, ISBN, description, covers, etc.) and save it to the ebook database software. That is why most of us should pay attention to the upcoming changes in Amazon API.

Since August 15, 2009 all calls to Amazon API will require authentication. ***
July 18, 2009
As you know, our ebook collection software can retrieve book data from the Internet. This feature is implemented in form of integration plugins. As of today, Alfa Ebooks Manager contains 8 plugins for most popular online book libraries in the world (Amazon, Google Books, etc). ***
June 10, 2009

Today we are happy to announce that the brand new version of Alfa Ebooks Manager 0.7 has arrived. Yes, its not free anymore, but you will forget about this when you give it a try. We totally redesigned the software interface. Now you will be really able to impress your friends when showing them your e-Library. ***
June 05, 2009
Dear friends!

For almost three years we provided our ebook catalog software for free. The software has become very popular among book-lovers, schools, clubs and business libraries all over the world and every day we receive a dozen of new feature and support requests. So, now we need to invest additional resources in its support and futher development. ***
June 01, 2009
Hello, and let me introduce you the new Alfa Ebooks Manager website and Blog.

As you noticed, we have changed the old site design, and this is our first step towards great changes in our project. First, the new design will better fit the style of the newest version of Alfa Ebooks Manager, that is scheduled for the middle of June. ***