Web Update

Add books from the Web

You can search books on the popular book sites and add them to your database. Here is how:

1. Open Books -> Add from Web...
2. Select needed book sites (by clicking on Websites link in the window title bar)
3. Enter book title, author or ISBN to the search box and press Search
4. Select a book in the search results and press Save
5. The book will appear in the database. You can do multiple searches and save multiple books in the Web Search window.

Supported book sites

Here is the list of supported book sites (it's constantly expanding):
- Amazon.com (USA)
- Amazon.de (Germany)
- Amazon.fr (France)
- Amazon.co.uk (UK)
- Amazon.ca (Canada)
- Amazon.es (Spain)
- Amazon.co.jp (Japan)
- Amazon.cn (China)
- Amazon.in (India)
- Google Books (USA)
- Isbndb.com (USA)
- Library of Congress (USA)
- Safari.Oreilly.com (USA)
- Comixology.com (USA)
- Neoluxor.cz - (Chezh)
- Lubimyczytac.pl - (Poland)
- Libri.hu - (Hungary)
- Litres.ru (Russia)
- Books.ru (Russia)
- Bol.com (Netherlands)
- Bol.de (Germany)
- Biblionet.gr (Greece)

For each book site the integration plugin exists. If one of these sites changes its data structure, the appropriate plugin stops working. We always try to update plugins quickly in such cases.

Web Update options

You can select, what book data will be saved from the web in the Options -> Web Update. Besides, you can set the folder to save downloaded book covers.

Besides, you can pre-view and pre-edit book properties before saving it to the database. Just double-click the book in the Search results list and the Preview window will be opened. There you can edit or uncheck fields. Note that the check boxes are synced with the Update Options.

Update books from the Web

To update a book that already exists in the database from the Web, open the Book Card and click one of the Web Update icon near Title or ISBN (to update by book title or ISBN respectively)

Update multiple books

To update multiple books from the Web by ISBN:

1. Select the books you want to update. (Note, that all these books should have ISBN-10 or ISBN-13)
2. Open menu Books -> Web Update
3. Select the book site, you want to update book data from
4. Press Start button. It may take some time before all ebook files will be found. You can press Stop button to stop the update.
5. If the book was successfully updated, you'll see the green icon in the book row.

Attention! We don't recommend to update more than 100 books at once, because book sites may ban your IP