Contact us or get Quick help:

The quickest way is to search "Alfa Ebooks Manager" in your email program and find the order email. If you still can't find it, please contact us (enter the email that you used in the order) and we'll resend you the key.

Please download and install the new version

Please contact us at and we'll provide you 75% discount link

Please, first browse the Ideas section. Maybe your idea has been already submitted. If you find a similar idea, you can just vote for it. If you don't find a similar idea, please send us your suggestion.

If you can help to improve the interface translation in your language, please contact us at and we'll send you excel-file with strings. In gratitude your name will be added to Alfa's start screen and Translators section.

Please open menu Help -> Check for Updates. Also Alfa notifies about new updates when you start the program

1. Install Alfa on the new computer
2. Copy Alfa's database file (.sdf) to the new computer
3. Copy your ebooks and covers to new computer
4. Launch Alfa and open the database
5. Open menu Tools -> File Finder
6. Select the root folder where your ebooks are located
7. Check the box Include Book Covers, if you use to attach big covers to books in Alfa
8. Run the process - it will find ebook and cover files (by filename or MD5) and update file paths in the database

By default the database file is located here: C:/Users/[USER]/AppData/Roaming/Alfa.NetSoft/Alfa Ebooks Manager/mylibrary.sdf, but you can move it to any other location.

Most errors during scan are caused by corrupted files, when Alfa tries to retrieve corrupted metadata. We constantly improve the parser stability, but errors still can occur.

There are two solutions:

1. Uncheck all options in the Scan (like Parse Metadata, Retrieve ISBN, create Thumbnails) and add all your books to library. Then select them part-by-part and re-scan with File Parser

2. In the software Options check the box Enable Log. Scan your library until the error. Open the log file: C:/Users/USER/AppData/Roaming/Alfa.NetSoft/Alfa eBooks Manager/aem.log and find the last scanned book. Remove this book from your library and send it to us (

Sometimes book sites change their structure and Alfa's integration needs to be reconstructed. Please try to download the latest version from the site If the web update still doesn't work please notify us about the issue (

First of all, open the IP address on the same PC where Alfa is installed. If it doesn't open, than it's blocked by your antivirus. Try to stop Antivirus for 10 minutes and check if the Web Server works. If it works, you need to add an exception for Alfa Ebooks Manager in your Antivirus' Firewall.

Second, your Windows firewall can have Port 80 blocked for incoming connections. Here is an instruction how to open it:

Please make sure that the file you want to convert have one of the following formats: EPUB, MOBI, FB2, PDF

Solutions by feature: