The program works on Windows 7/8/10 and you need .Net Framework 4.6 (or later) installed

Alfa Ebooks Manager provides full Unicode support, so you can enter book data on any language. The interface is available in English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Russian, Ukrainian, Latvian, Czech, Turkish, Greek, Polish, Romanian, Hungarian, Slovenian, Serbian, Croatian, Indonesian, Arabic, Chinese, Korean and Farsi. If you are interested in translating the software interface to your native language, please contact support@alfaebooks.com

You can add ANY ebook file to Alfa's database. Alfa's built-in Reader supports almost all ebook formats. Besides, here you can find the list of ebook formats that Alfa can parse metadata from. Here is the list of ebook formats, in which Alfa can edit metadata. And here you can find the list of ebook conversion directions that Alfa supports.

The Book Card in Alfa contains fields for almost any book parameter: authors, genres, publisher, series, description, cover, etc. For each book you can add several authors (with different roles), several genres and attach several files.

You also can create tags and custom fields to store any data important for you.

The number of books is limited only by your hardware capacity. We recommend to use Alfa with libraries with up to 20 thousand books. If you have more books - you can split the library database into several parts.

Yes, you can import your library from CSV file, Calibre, Google Library or scan your computer for e-book files.

No, it doesn't. The files are attached to book records in the database with existing paths. But you can use the built-in File Manager to rearrange books to different folders.

There are two ways to access the library in the LAN:

1. Use the Web Server

2. Store the database on the network drive (NAS), install Alfa on each computer and map the NAS as local on each computer (in File Explorer click on "Map network drive")

Almost all router manufacturers now provide cloud access service, and if you have a modern router (that supports DDNS - Dynamic Domain Name System) you can connect access Alfa's Web server remotely. Here is step-by-step guide how to set up the remote access.

Yes, Alfa is integrated with most popular book sites. It allows automatically retrieve book information (Title, ISBN, Author, Cover Image, Description, etc) from these websites. The list of supported sites is available here

Yes, Alfa allows to add books from Kindle and other ebook reading devices to your library, edit metadata, read books on the desktop and send books to e-reader.

Yes, you can use any ISBN scanner or ISBN-scanning app for Android/iPhone. We provide own Android app Alfa ISBN Scanner. The ISBN list that is produced by scanner can be imported to Alfa via CSV Import.

Yes we plan to add support of this platform in future. If you want to be notified when the Mac version is released, please send your request using the contact form.

If you can help to improve the interface translation in your language, please contact us at support@alfaebooks.com and we'll send you excel-file with strings. In gratitude your name will be added to Alfa's start screen and Translators section.

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