Top 10 ideas for the next version

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1. Loan feature
by: Brandon Peeters
I know that I can create custom fields for Loaned/Borrowed books but would like to have dedicated native fields for this task with auto-reminders and opportunity to view the list of borrowed books.
2. Add Android and iOS integration
by: Garry_Foley
Would be wonderful if Alfa could scan folders on Android devices and import books from iBooks app
3. Search inside book text
by: Gediminas Pietkiewicz
I think Alfa is one of the most popular book manager for professionals that work with book text rather than read text consistently. So the search inside book reader would be of great help for us!
4. Export to AEM
by: Massimo MUAWIA
While Alfa provides a way to split the database via Import from AEM, but it's quite long. Could you please add Export to AEM so that one could select needed books and send them to a separate database?
5. Edit metadata in multiple books at once
by: Neil Yang
We have book data in the cards, so why not automate writing these data to files? I'm eager to pay for this feature
6. Enable CSV import to existing books in DB
by: Charly Sunersby
Currently you can import only new books from CSV file. But if you make it possible to update existing books from CSV there will be a lot of opportunities to edit the database in Excel. You can identify books in CSV by ISBN. Thanks!
7. Night mode or colour scheme settings in the reader
by: Jay Pearson
I'd like to have a way to change the background and font colours to reflect nighttime reader
8. Allow users to create web site plug-ins on their own
by: littlemute
Your software provides quite a lot of website integrations, including Amazon, which I really appreciate, but I guess every user has less popular site, she use to buy books book from. And if you create a tool for building integration plug-ins, it would be win-win. Moreover plugin sharing marketplace could be an option
9. Next/Previous buttons in the Book Card
by: Paulius Moreira
I often need to edit multiple books and have to open every book, save, open next book, save... The buttons to move from one book to another right in the book card would be highly appreciated
10. Allow to show/hide fields in the Book Card
by: Bernhard Pierce
Personally I don't need many fields in the Book Card, like ACIN, LCCN, LC, Dewey. I even don't know what they mean. But I definitely need the fields that I create to be front and center, but not on the second tab! Please make it possible to show/hide fields on the main tab! Thanks in advance!
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