Top 10 ideas for the next version

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1. Publish Year field instead of Publish date
by: Kevin J Tontchev
I understand that one could need the exact publish date for magazines, but for books it would be far better to have the Year field. Besides, now you can't make this field empty and have to go with the current date. So if I don't have the publish year - it shows wrong data. I like your program and just want to help in improving it.
2. Add Android and iOS integration
by: Garry_Foley
Would be wonderful if Alfa could scan folders on Android devices and import books from iBooks app
3. Allow to show/hide fields in the Book Card
by: Bernhard Pierce
Personally I don't need many fields in the Book Card, like ACIN, LCCN, LC, Dewey. I even don't know what they mean. But I definitely need the fields that I create to be front and center, but not on the second tab! Please make it possible to show/hide fields on the main tab! Thanks in advance!
4. Copy books to Android
by: David Klopfstein
I use Alfa for managing my library, but read books on my Samsung Galaxy Tab. I would like to have an easy way to send/copy books from my library to the device. Hope you add this integration. Thank you!
5. Enable CSV import to existing books in DB
by: Charly Sunersby
Currently you can import only new books from CSV file. But if you make it possible to update existing books from CSV there will be a lot of opportunities to edit the database in Excel. You can identify books in CSV by ISBN. Thanks!
6. Edit metadata in multiple books at once
by: Neil Yang
We have book data in the cards, so why not automate writing these data to files? I'm eager to pay for this feature
7. Loan feature
by: Brandon Peeters
I know that I can create custom fields for Loaned/Borrowed books but would like to have dedicated native fields for this task with auto-reminders and opportunity to view the list of borrowed books.
8. Smart converter from PDF to text books
by: Andreas Muller
Alfa's converter is good enough, but I believe that you guys can develop smart converter from PDF to text books because there is no such tool for now anywhere. I guess it will need machine learning or AI :)
9. Export to AEM
by: Massimo MUAWIA
While Alfa provides a way to split the database via Import from AEM, but it's quite long. Could you please add Export to AEM so that one could select needed books and send them to a separate database?
10. Add opportunity to read DRM-protected books
by: Angie Tsang
I know that removing DRM is illegal, but maybe you can at least allow to open DRM protected books in Alfareader, so that they can't be copied or distributed
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