Audio book collection management software

Audio book collection on your PC

Audiobook collectionAlfa Ebooks Manager provides easy-to-use and powerful tools for creating electronic audio book library. You can quickly import your audio book collection by scanning your computer folders. As usual audio books consist of several parts/files. Alfa allows to automatically link multiple audio files to single audio-book record in the database.

Moreover when importing files to ebook catalog Alfa automatically retrieves metadata and cover from MP3, M4B, AAX books. If metadata is absent - you can easily update it from the web sources like Amazon, etc... Using Alfa's powerful book collection management tools you can sort, search, browse, organize your audio book library in multiple ways. You can manage audio books and electronic text books in single e-library.

The best Audiobook organizer

Audiobook organizerAlfa Ebooks Manager was featured as one of the best programs for managing audio books at bookrunch. Alfa Ebooks Manager received better review than Calibre, though it's free software.

The experts liked Alfa's ability to attach multiple files to one book card, extract metadata and covers from MP3 and MB4 files, audio book representation on the bookshelf, cataloging tools, that allow to search, sort and filter books in the database.

Also the authors noticed the tool in Alfa's File Manager that allows to create ISO images for backuping audiobooks to CD/DVD disks. It's really useful because you can free a lot of memory on your hard drive. At the same time Alfa will remember, on which disc each audio book is located so you can quickly find it and play directly from the disk.

Audiobook player for Windows

Audiobook playerAlfa Ebooks Manager also has built-in Audio Player, so you can play audio books without using third-party players. It has all the usual controls and also playback speed option. Of course, it remembers the place where you ended listening each book, so you don't need to look for it yourself. The player allows to sort files by different parameters, and it's very useful, because not all audio books have correct track numbers in metadata.

Optionally, you can install our separate e-reader - Alfareader, that also has the same audio book player. The advantage is that you don't need to start the whole database in Alfa Ebooks Manager if you just want to continue listening to audio book.

Customer review

Alfa Ebooks Manager - Works as advertised
I have been using it for just a few hours now and I think this is a brilliant piece of software. It suits my style as a researcher and writer working principally from home perfectly. The pricing is very reasonable, for all versions. At last, a program that works as advertised.
Issac Atkins - Rating: 4.9 -
Rated 4.5/5 based on 11 customer reviews