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Common library management tasks

Library managementHome library software allows to organize and manage your books professionally like in public libraries. What are the main functions of this software? First of all - it's storing book metadata and providing it on demand. You can quickly find needed book card with full information (like author, ISBN, publish year, series, publisher, etc) and locate it in your library.

Also on your computer screen you can list books by desired parameters, like genre, author, location, publisher to recognize and analyze their content, decide what to read next or get needed data for your work. Alfa Ebooks Manager provides powerful search and filter tools for creating such lists, and you can create custom tags to make some lists faster accessible.

Another important library task is tracking borrowed books. The library software won't let you to forget that you borrowed a book to your friend, or you have taken a book from local public library.


Digitizing physical book library

Physical book libraryTo quickly add paper books to electronic library, you can use ISBN scanner, because almost every physical book has an ISBN bar-code on its cover. You don't need to by a dedicated hardware device, but instead you can use one of mobile apps, that are available for iPhone and Android phones.

Using your phone you can quickly scan all your paper books. In result you'll get a list of ISBN numbers. Then you import this list into Alfa Ebooks Manager (using CSV import tool). Then (using the Web Update tool) you can automatically retrieve book covers and metadata for all these books, and see your physical library on your screen.

If a paper book doesn't have ISBN bar-code, you can add it manually. In very rare cases, if your can't find a book cover in the Internet, you can use a common scanner or phone camera to create cover image and also add it to the database.

Ebook library organization

Ebook library organizationThe book industry is going towards electronic books, so Alfa Ebooks Manager provides multiple tools for creating and organizing electronic book library. As usual it starts when you realize that you can't find anything in your Windows-folder-based library. So you install Alfa, open the Scan tool, select the root folder where your library is located and in few minutes all your ebooks will be added to electronic catalog.

Because almost any ebook besides text contains metadata (like author, year, ISBN...), all this data is automatically entered in a book card. Book cover can be also extracted from a book file or generated from the first page (in case with PDF books).

And since this moment you can fully control your electronic library. Books moving, renaming, editing can be done in Alfa Ebooks Manager. Every change is tracked. Every e-book is safe.

Audio book library tools

Audio book libraryBesides paper books and e-book, there is one more type of books that can be managed in personal library software - audio books. Lately audio books become so popular that most people stop reading books with their eyes at all.

Managing audio-books is more difficult task, because they usually consist of multiple files or several large files. But Alfa Ebooks Manager easily copes with this task. It allows to attach multiple files to single book card. Even better it does it automatically when you scan your PC. For audiobooks you can add fields like narrator and book duration, that are not used in text books. Most popular audiobook formats (mp3, mb4) are supported, so the program parses covers and metadata. Audible books are represented as beautiful dvd discs on a bookshelf.

Besides Alfa contains built-in audiobook-player, that allows you to listen audio books from your desktop. It remembers the place where you stop and provide familiar playback controls.


Customer review

Alfa Ebooks Manager - Marvelous program
Your program is marvelous, by the way. It really IS as easy as you say it is! This is just for me to use at home for my personal collection , but you have made it exceptionally easy for me to keep track of everything. I especially love 3D book feature. Keep up the great work guys! Great product and great support.
Jenifer Gail - Rating: 4.7 -
Rated 4.6/5 based on 11 customer reviews