eBook Reader

Alfa Ebooks Manager contains built-in ebook reader that allows you to read or preview books. It supports the following book types: PDF, EPUB, MOBI, FB2, CHM, HTML, TXT and comic books (CBR, CBZ).

In order to activate the reader, you need to check the box "Use internal reader" in menu Tools -> Options. If this box isn't checked, ebooks will be opened in program, that is set as default for this file type in your system.

Besides, in Options you can set to open ebook files by double-clicking on a book in the Books View. Otherwise it can be opened from the right-click menu.

Ebook reader remembers the page where you last finished reading each book. You can open multiple reader windows at once. You can also customize different text styles and options.

Web Reader

Alfa Ebooks Manager also allows to access your library via Web Interface, that includes Web Reader. So you can read ebooks in browser, including mobile browsers on iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

Web Reader supports most ebook formats: PDF, EPUB, MOBI, FB2, DJVU, TXT.

Web Reader bookmarks the last opened page for each book in browser's cookies. It also provides familiar options like text size, font, line height and others. And TOC is also available.


You can also buy separately our desktop ebook reader AlfaReader. It provides the same reading experience as built-in ebook reader, but if you often open books on desktop and don't want to load large library every time - AlfaReader will be useful for you.

It allows to quickly open ebooks right from your Windows folders or from its small library, that contains only few last opened books.