Manage Audio books

Add audio books from PC

Because audio books usually include several (or several dozens) of files, the most easy way to add them is using the Scan tool.

The Scan will automatically add all files to singe audio book card if all the files have correct metadata (the same album).

If the metadata is not correctly set, the files will be added as separate books and you can unite them to single book card manually using the Merge tool on the toolbar.

Alfa supports MP3, M4B and AAX books for parsing metadata and creating thumbnails.

Edit audio book metadata

Alfa allows to edit MP3 file metadata using the Metadata Editor. But because you usually need to edit many mp3 files, we added the batch metadata editor for mp3.

To use it:
- open the Book Card -> File tab
- select all mp3 files (Ctrl+A)
- click the icon Edit Audio Files in the tab toolbar
- enter the correct album and title
- click OK, the track# will be set automatically.

Add/Update audio books from the Web

Alfa has integration plug-in with Amazon and other book sites, containing audiobooks, so you can add audio-books (not files, but data) and update them using the Web Update tool.