Import Google Books

To import your Google Books library:

1. Open any book list in Google Books and click Options -> Export as XML
2. In Alfa Ebooks Manager select menu File -> Import From... -> Google Library
3. Select the exported XML file and press the Load button. This will load the book list to the window
4. Select the folder to download covers (this folder is automatically synced with the covers folder in Tools -> Options)
5. Select the books you want to import (Note, that the software finds and automatically unchecks duplicates by ISBN-13)
6. Press the Save button. It may take some time before all books will be imported. You can press the Stop button to stop saving.

How to export books from Alfa Ebooks Manager to Google Books?

1. Use the Export to Text File tool to create a list of ISBN (set template )
2. Open the exported file and copy the ISBN list
3. Open any book list in your Google Books account
4. Click Options -> Add by ISBN
5. Paste ISBN list and press Add Books button