Books View

Books View shows the books stored in your e-Library.

There are 3 basic layouts of the Books View and you can easily switch between them depending on your current task and mood:

1. Table View is ideal for searching, selecting, filtering, sorting and organizing books. You can sort the book list by different parameters by clicking on the column header. You can select the columns to display by right-clicking on table header and opening the Columns list.

2. List View is perfect when you want to see general book data or book description when browsing the library.

3. Thumbnail View is perfect to represent your e-Library to your friends or browse it for your own pleasure. You can select one of several templates, from Simple (just covers) to classic Bookshelf.

In any books view you can use zoom (using the icon Zoom or Crtl+Mouse) and perform the following actions with the help of the right-click menu:

- Open Book Card
- Delete Book - deletes book from the database (Note, that the book file won't be deleted from your computer)
- Delete Book+File - deletes book from database and file from your computer
- Read Book - opens a book in internal reader or third-party ebook reader, if you set this in Options
- Copy File - for example you can use this to copy books to your Kindle or other e-reading device
- Open Book in 3D
- Copy to Clipboard - book's title, ISBN or file path
- Merge Books - if you select two or several books - this will merge them to one book card

Besides, you can define what action should be taken when you double-click a book in the Book View in Tools -> Options. You can select to open:

- Book Card
- Book File
- Book in 3D