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How to create a home ebook catalog?

Home ebook catalogSo, you decided to create a personal ebook catalog. Of course, you can use Excel spreadsheets or Access database for this task, but why reinvent the wheel when you can use a special ebook catalog management software like Alfa Ebooks Manager.

It allows quickly import your electronic books, enter your paper books, using any ISBN scanner app and in several hours you'll get a shining and beautiful bookshelf inside your computer.

And you don't need to search the Internet for book covers and metadata, enter it manually to each book card - the software can automatically update book data from the online book catalogues, like Amazon or Google Books and retrieve all needed information. You only need to choose the library template, zoom and color scheme that looks better for you.


E-book catalog management

E-book catalog managementOk, the electronic library is created. But the story doesn't stop here. Your library lives its life and changes. You get new books, read books, borrow books, lend books - every change can be recorded in the ebook software.

So you will always remember which books you borrowed to your friends, which books of your favorite author you haven't read yet and want to purchase, which books you have taken from a public library and when you need to return them.

The e-catalog program allows quickly find needed book by title, author and bunch of other parameters. You can sort and filter books as you want, organize them into collections by genre, author, location, year, create custom tags and fields to take your library into order.

Catalog free ebooks

Catalog free ebooksThe best thing is that in Alfa Ebooks Manager you can catalog not only purchased books but also download free e-books directly to the database. Sure, you can get these free books from various sites in the Internet and add them to Alfa. But AEM provides more easy and comfortable tool for that - OPDS client. Most free book sites maintain OPDS servers for ebook distribution.

OPDS (Open Publication Distribution System) - is a catalog syndication format for electronic publications based on Atom and HTTP. Dozens of OPDS catalogs are available online, and in many different languages. So right in the software you can search all these OPDS servers for a needed book and when you find it - download it together with all metadata and cover directly to the database.


Customer review

Alfa Ebooks Manager - Great software
I purchased Alfa ebook manager and have been using it for several weeks now and I can say it's a quality product. A lot of software out there is really bad but this is about as good a program as I have ever used. Alfa works extremely well. I was truly impressed by the catalog feature that accesses the Internet to retrieve the information & cover photos and also by how easy it was to use and format to my personal taste. Thanks for great software.
Francis Coaslatt - Rating: 4.8 -
Rated 4.5/5 based on 11 customer reviews