How to integrate Alfa Ebooks Manager with your favorite book site?

As you know, our ebook collection software can retrieve book data from the Internet. This feature is implemented in form of integration plugins. As of today, Alfa Ebooks Manager contains 8 plugins for most popular online book libraries in the world (Amazon, Google Books, etc). We constantly receive a lot of requests to integrate the ebook software with other book information sources and develop new plugins that are requested more often. But we understand that this is not enough to keep all our customers happy.

So, we decided to offer a new service of custom plugin development. If you have a favorite site and want to retrieve book information from there, please contact and provide us the book site url. If your book site meets our requirements, we'll send you a payment link and the preliminary estimate of how soon we can deliver you the custom plugin.

We don't add this custom plugin development service to our online store and neither set a standard price for a custom plugin, because first we need to check each site individually and evaluate the possibility and complexity of the data retrieval. But we promise that the pricing will be affordable for all our users.
Posted: July 18, 2009