AlfaEbooks Manager 1.8 preview is available for existing users

Thanks for all, who is taking part in the AlfaEbooks Manager 1.8 beta testing. We have fixed some issues and added some new features requested by beta-testers. In particular, we have added the batch Web Update tool, so you will be able to update multiple books from the Web by ISBN.

We have built the new AlfaEbooks Manager 1.8 demo. It's available for download here. It comes with the sample e-library database. We invite you to test it, and you can still get the free license.

All existing users, who purchased the software license earlier, please test the demo version with the sample database, and if it works fine, please send your name and Order ID to and we'll provide you the working version of AlfaEbooks Manager 1.8.
Posted: April 03, 2010