AlfaEbooks Manager 1.8 Beta. Get a Free license!

At last we are ready to introduce the new version of AlfaEbooks Manager. It's really the new generation of our software, so we decided to increase the version number by one level: from 0.7.5 to 1.8. We have implemented a lot of new features and dramatically improved the software performance. Here are some tips:

- The new Table View with multiple sort and filter options - ideal for searching and organizing books
- The new scalable List and Thumbnail views that are perfect for e-library browsing and demonstrating
- Improved 3D and Wall views - your friends will be really impressed :)
- Customizable thumbnail size - make them as large, as you want
- The new straightforward Scan tool, that works faster and can parse ebook metadata
- File Manager that allows to copy, move and rename ebook files
- The new Retrieve ISBN tool that supports PDF, LRF, FB2, CHM
- The new Web Update tool that can be used to add books from the book sites
- Google Images integration that allows you quickly update book covers, author pics and other images in the e-Library
- and more...

And now about the free licenses. Those users, who find 10 bugs in the new version until the official release - will get the software license for free. Please, send your bug lists to Your not-very-difficult feature requests are also welcomed.
Posted: March 20, 2010