Alfa Ebooks Manager is compatible with Windows 7

As Windows software developers we are looking forward to the Windows 7 release on October 22. And we have already prepared for this event. Today we have finished our tests for our e-book manager compatibility with the new operation system. The tested version was current Alfa Ebooks Manager 0.7.5. As it works on top of .Net Framework (3.5 or higher), we almost had no problem with its adoption to Windows 7. Besides, Windows 7 by default contains .Net Framework 3.5, so our ebook software will work on most computers without the need to update the platform (the problem that we had with Win XP).

So, all book collectors, that use Alfa Ebooks Manager, shouldn't worry about the OS upgrade. Even, we were happy to find out that Alfa Ebooks Manager works faster on Windows 7 and can manage the larger ebook databases. Besides, Windows 7 gives us new opportunities to implement new features in the ebook software, like interface skins, more powerful ebook scan and more...
Posted: September 22, 2009