Alfa Ebooks Manager Crack: Top 3 reasons not to install

Like any popular program, Alfa Ebooks Manager has the cracked version. But unlike most cases when it's possible to use cracked software, our ebook organizer has the perfect anti-hacker protection. Here are the 3 top reasons of why you shouldn't install the hacked version.

1) The other day one of our most active customers reported that he found the cracked AEM version that was distributed with the Spyware agent. And we realized that as Alfa Ebooks Manager needs internet connection to retrieve book information from web-sites, our users allow it to pass through firewall. And it's a perfect opportunity for hackers to embed malware and send your confidential data to the internet. It's our duty to notify you about this danger.

2) On most book-sites that the AEM book manager uses to retrieve book data we use our personal partner accounts. And from time to time we change the authentication data, so that cracked versions stop getting book data from the internet. So the cracked version works only 2-3 months.

3) These customers, that don't have a record in our customer base can't update their software, order the custom book-site plugins and get our support to solve the problems if they appear.
Posted: November 11, 2009