Alfa Ebooks Manager 4: New design, Book details pane and other features

At last we have finished the new version and hope you'll like it. As usual we added the most demanded features and fixed several bugs. Here is the list of the main new features:

New sleeker design
Content is the King! We followed this trend and now your library will get more space and more attention.

Book details pane
View book details, description, TOC and even similar books from Amazon while browsing your library

New cooler 3D View
View books in 3D on full screen with author pics on the back cover

File Finder
If you move your ebooks and covers to another drive or computer - this tool will help you easily restore actual file paths

Kindle Integration
Scan and import your ebooks from Kindle to Alfa. Manage your Kindle's library in Alfa

Import from Calibre
The new version allows to scan OPF files that Calibre uses to save metadata, so you can easily import your whole library from Calibre to Alfa

Fast PDF parser
Retrieve PDF metadata 2 times faster. New Alfa also allows to pars the whole PDF book text

DJVU full support
Retrieve metadata and covers from Djvu books

This is a major update, and therefore it's paid one. All existing users will receive a link to update with 75% discount - for just $9.95

If you own AEM license and haven't received our Update notification, please contact us at
Posted: February 28, 2013