Alfa Ebooks Manager 3: Filter Builder and other 40 improvements

So here's why it took us so long to release a new version: we have done more than 40 improvements and fixes in Alfa 3. Here is the list of the main new features:

Filter Builder
Very easy and powerful tool to filter your book library by any condition

Full drag-n-drop support
Drag files to Alfa to add them to the database, drag books to Library Explorer items to add them to genres, tags, ratings, etc.

Autoscaling Thumb View
You don't need any more to adjust scale and number of columns - Alfa 3 does it automagically. We also added new Bookshelf views

Audiobooks support
Parse MP3 metadata, manage audible files

Hot Keys
Perform different operations with your books quicker

Import from CSV
Easily import book lists from excel or other book organizers

New cool Export to HTML
Publish your book lists on your site or intranet in the beautiful bookshelf style

New Interface Languages
Now Alfa is available on 10 languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Russian, Czech, Turkish and Farsi

Enhanced 3D View
It's like a real book on your screen

Create ISO images
You can easily create ISO of selected books and burn DVD backups of your library

Parallel Scanning
If you use to scan thousands of books, now you can use the full power of your multi-core processor

And more
Plug-ins autoupdate, Calendar in Library Explorer, Context Help, Crtl/Shift selection in lookups, Delere book & file ...

This is a major update, and therefore it's paid one. All existing users will receive a link to update with 75% discount - for just $9.95

If you own AEM 2 license and haven't received our Update notification, please contact us at
Posted: May 11, 2012