Alfa Ebooks Manager 2.4: Multilingual Interface, Dark Theme, MOBI support

Good day everyone!

We continue to improve Alfa Ebooks Manager without having a rest. Today we are launching the regular update - AEM 2.4. It's available for free for all AEM 2 users.

The new version provides the following new features:

- Delete book files in the program interface
- MOBI format support (now you can parse all metadata from MOBI books)
- Dark Theme (is back!)
- New Metallic View (it's even cooler than Dark Theme)
- Transparent View panel
- Enhanced List Views with Author links
- Option to turn off instant search (because in large libraries instant search could be rather slow)
- Optimized Scan, Parser and Web Update tools (faster, more stable)
- Multilingual interface (English, Deutsch, French, Russian, Portuguese, Dutch, Czech). Big thanks for all who helped to translate the program!
- New Statistics Viewer
- New query "Books with " (it allows to detect books that have linked files, but these files where deleted or renamed or moved)

If you own AEM 2 license and haven't received our Update notification, please contact

Thanks for your support!
Posted: September 08, 2011