Alfa Ebooks Manager 0.8 Roadmap

Ok, in January we are going to unveil the new major release of Alfa Ebooks Manager. During the last two months we were collecting your feedback and requests and now we can exactly list the new features and changes in the next version of our ebook organizer. One of the most important new features will be new Scan tool, that scans your folders for ebook files and adds them to the database. It will become really powerful and easy to use.

Besides, we decided to create a separate tool for ebook files management. In the current version the Scan tool is used for mass moving, backuping and renaming ebook files, and we replied hundreds of support requests, explaining users, how they can perform all these actions with the Scan tool. We hope that the separate File Manager will make everything clear and our support will relax.

One more highly requested feature is simple table view without book thumbnails. We admit that we were too focused on rich library views (that look very well when you show your library to your friends) and forget about the simple table view (that is more suitable when you are managing your e-library).

The other new features include:
- Book cover search on Google Images
- Sony Reader format support
- BibTeX file format support
- Books table import
- New plugins
- Extended book search

And, of course, we will fix all the bugs that where reported by our users during the past two months.
Posted: November 23, 2009