Alfa Ebooks Manager 0.7.1: e-Library should be beautiful

Today we are happy to announce that the brand new version of Alfa Ebooks Manager 0.7 has arrived. Yes, its not free anymore, but you will forget about this when you give it a try. We totally redesigned the software interface. Now you will be really able to impress your friends when showing them your e-Library. You can select the e-Library layout and color scheme that better fits your style.

The most outstanding new feature is 3D book view. Just imagine tha you have a real book on your computer screen. It has realistic size, back and front covers. You can rotate it in 3D space, open it and to turn over the pages. The content for these pages is either downloaded from Google Books and Amazon (these two sites provide the rendered book previews) or rendered from the book PDF file with the help of Adobe Acrobat Professional. If you have a blog or a website, you can easily take the 3D book snapshot and post it online, so that your friends had a better image of the book that you recommend.

A little tip: in the 3D View section to display the controls, you need to point your mouse below the 3D book.

Please pay attention, that the new version requires .Net Framework 3.5 or higher, unlike the previous version that used .Net Framework 2.0.
Posted: June 10, 2009