Alfa 8: New UI and Faster performance

Dear friends!

We did a lot of work to create the new Alfa 8. It's built on the enhanced engine, that allows to work faster even with large libraries. We also implemented new user interface - more clean, polished and comfortable with color scheme customization.

Here is the list of main new features:

- New Engine based on Net Framework 4.6 or higher
- New User Interface
- Customizable color scheme
- New Scan - more fast and reliable
- New Book Card with new fields, including Series# and Volume
- New (Windows 10-style) Library Explorer
- New Author Card with roles, link and other fields
- Batch mp3 audio book metadata edit
- Full drag-n-drop support in the Books View
- Faster edit/delete books in large libraries
- New Table View with text zoom
- Fast zoom by Ctrl+mouse
- New CSV Import/Export tools
- New Calibre Import
- Lookup pruner for unused authors, genres, etc
- Quick Setup Wizard

This is the major update so it's paid one. But as usual, we provide 75% discount to all existing users. If you haven't received in-program or email-notification please contact us at
Posted: February 05, 2019