Alfa 8.3: Fast Web-Update

We dramatically improved the speed of web update from Amazon, Google Books and most of other websites. Now the web search quickly parses and shows search results with primary book data. And only when you update or preview a book, the detailed information is parsed and downloaded.

Also we deprecated the Update Plugins command in the menu because on some computer the plugins file was not updated for security reason. From now we’ll provide a new version each time when website integration needs to be updated.

Other new and updated features
- Improved CSV import and export
- Simplified cover management settings
- Several website plugins updated
- Extraction of ISBN from PDF metadata
- Hotkeys for books and file deletion fixed
- New icons for Options, Update and Help
- Quick web update in the List View
- Thai Language translation

This update is Free for all users with version 8.x
Posted: November 29, 2019