Alfa 8.2: New Publish date and other features

New Publish Date
We realized most requested feature – flexible Publish Date. Now it’s divided into three fields and allows to enter only year, or year/month, or exact date. It also can be empty and can contain publish dates earlier than 01.01.1753 (these were limitations of Microsoft’s free database engine).

Publish date will be updated automatically once you open your database in the new version.

Besides now you can quickly correct wrong Publish dates using the batch book edit tool (Books -> Edit Books). For example you can select books published in one year and quickly erase month and day.

Other new and updated features
- Author birth/death dates now also can be earlier than 01.01.1753 and entered manually
- Alfa now remembers the last opened tab in the Book Card. This will speed up mass book data editing. For example, if you edit custom fields, the next book card will show you custom fields at once
- Refresh button – over books list allows to show the changes that usually not shown for better performance
- Websites list in Web Update window is now more accessible. Just click on the selected website
- Improved Web server authorization
- Support for dragging several books to Library Explorer
- More smart parsing of ISBN from filename
- Fixed TOC navigation in EPUB files in built-in reader
Posted: September 04, 2019