Alfa 7: Web Reader, new Web Interface, Autoupdate and more

Dear friends,
We are happy to introduce the new major version - Alfa 7. Here are the main new features:

Web Reader
Web Reader is available in the web interface. It allows to open and read pdf, epub, mobi, fb2, djvu, txt ebooks in browser in your local network. It supports also mobile browsers, so you can read from your phone. The Web Reader bookmarks the last opened page for each book in browser's cookies. It also provides familiar options like text size, font, line height and others. And TOC is also available.

New Web Interface
We polished the Web Interface, adapted it for mobile screens, added new sections for browsing your library. We also added Web Server autostart option and authentication for protected access in the local network.

From now you can get new features and bug fixes as fast as they come in minor releases. The software will notify you that the update is available and if you wish - download the new version.

Other new features include faster Scan and File Parser, updated icons and desktop interface, new plugins, author edit from book card, Open folder option in book card.

This is the major update so it's paid one. But we provide 75% discount for all paid users.
Posted: July 08, 2017