Alfa 5.9: Improved Scan, Reader and Audiobook player

Meet the new Alfa 5.9. It's a free update, but includes some very important features:

We refactored scan to make it more quick and stable. Now Alfa creates cache (like a search engine), so when you rescan your library, the process goes very quickly. It means, that if you download some new ebooks, you can quickly rescan your library and add them to Alfa. Besides, if something occurred during scan and the process was interrupted, you'll be able to start from the breakpoint.

The cache is located here: C://Users/USER/AppData/Roaming/Alfa.NetSoft/Alfa eBooks Manager/Cache

You can clear the cache using the appropriated button in the Scan window.

Ebook reader
Now Alfa includes a full-featured ebook reader. It allows not only to open/preview books, but to comfortably read them. It supports PDF, EPUB, MOBI, FB2, CHM, CBR, CBZ, TXT. It remembers the page where you last finished reading. And now you can open multiple reader windows at once. You can also customize different text styles and options.

Audiobook player
The Audiobook player is now in the separate window, so you can listen to audiobooks while working with your library. You can sort files in the player - this is helpful for audiobooks that can't be sorted by metadata. We also added full support for m4b audiobooks. Alfa can retrieve covers and metadata from them, play them and browse by TOC. You can quickly add audiobooks to Alfa using Scan, and don't forget to check the box "Merge files to book by Album".

Other features include
+ Improved design
+ Improved support for non-UTF metadata
+ Fixed bugs and web plugins

How to update?
- Go to
- Enter your email and download the new version
Posted: March 25, 2016