Update multiple books

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To update multiple books from the Web by ISBN:

1. Select the books you want to update. (Note, that all these books should have ISBN-10 or ISBN-13)
2. Open Books -> Web Update
3. Select the book site, you want to update book data from
4. Press Start button. It may take some time before all ebook files will be found. You can press Stop button to stop the update.
5. If the book was successfully updated, you'll see the green icon in the book row.

Attention! We don't recommend to update more than 100 books at once, because book sites may ban your IP

Batch web update options

First of all you can select the folder to save book covers. This folder is synced with the covers folder specified in Tools -> Options. For more information see (for more information see Create book covers and thumbs)

Besides, you can select, what book data will be saved from the web in the Update Options box:

find ebooks

Note: is you select to update the Genre and book site provides multiple genres per book, the software will save only first given genre.