Supported book sites

ebook sites

Alfa Ebooks Manager allows to update book data from most popular Book Sites, including Amazon, Google Books, Barnes&Noble and others. In the Web Search window you can expand the Sites sidebar and select the Book Sites from which you want to add/update books.

Here is the list of supported book sites (it's constantly expanding):
- (USA)
- (Germany)
- (France)
- (UK)
- (Canada)
- (Spain)
- (Japan)
- (China)
- Google Books (USA)
- Barnes & Noble (USA)
- (USA)
- Library of Congress (USA)
- (USA)
- (USA)
- (USA)
- - (Chezh)
- - (Poland)
- - (Hungary)
- (Russia)
- (Russia)
- (Netherlands)
- (Greece)

For each book site the integration plugin exists. If one of these sites changes its data structure, the appropriate plugin stops working. We always try to update plugins quickly in such cases. You can always download the latest plugins by clicking Tools -> Update Plugins.

If you use Windows 8, than you need to launch the program as Administrator and then update plugins

If you need a plug-in for some custom book site, you can order it separately.