Library Explorer

Library Explorer is an Outlook-like pane that allows to filter the Books View by different parameters: author, genre, location, extension, rating, add date and others. You can filter the book list by two or more parameters (i.e. by several tags) by selecting multiple items in the Library Explorer using Ctrl/Shift.

To show all books - just click on the All Books button in the Library Explorer header.

Library Explorer also allows you to allocate duplicates (by title, file, ISBN) and book that miss certain parameters (genre, author, file...).

Each section in the Library Explorer is switched on by the appropriate button. You can show and hide these buttons, transform buttons into icons or vice versa. In the Authors pane you can display authors with or without grouping. Besides, right in the Library Explorer you can view the number of books (in each genre, series, etc), edit and delete items.

You can also hide the Library Explorer pane, change its position in the program interface or make it floating.