e-Library structure

Ebook Library Structure

Alfa Ebooks Manager stores all book data in the database file. It uses .SDF format. This file can be also opened and edited by other programs like CompactView. By default the database file is stored here:
C:/Users/USER/AppData/Roaming/Alfa.NetSoft/Alfa Ebooks Manager/mylibrary.sdf

You can rename, move, backup this database file or create other database files for your library.

Each book in the database is represented as a book card. The book card may contain links to ebook files on your computer. It also may contain links to front and back covers of the book. Note that cover thumbnails, that are displayed on almost all e-Library views are stored in the database (in binary code) - not as separate images on your hard drive.

You don't need to change the structure of your library folder where you store your e-book files. After Alfa Ebooks Manager installation you can scan your existing library and the software will automatically import all your ebooks to the database. Later you can use Alfa Ebooks Manager to rename, copy, move multiple book files, so later you can easily change the structure of your e-library folder.

We recommend to create one separate folder for all book covers, so it will be easier to work with covers and automate some book update operations. But if you use to store each book file in a separate folder, you may also store covers in the same folders.