Copy/move multiple book files

ebook management

You can copy/move multiple ebook files at once using the inbuilt File Manager. To copy/move multiple books:

1. Select the books for which you want to copy/move files
2. Open Books -> Files Manager
3. Select the destination folder
4. Set the options (see below)
5. Check the result preview in the New Path column (if it's different from the Old Path, it will be highlighted in green)
6. Start the Copy/Move process

Copy/Move options

- Include book covers - will copy/move book covers to the same destination folder
- Overwrite files - will overwrite files, if they already exist in the destination folder
- Update path - if selected, the file paths in the database will be automatically updated
- Include book folders - will copy/move book files with lowest-level folders
- Create folders - will arrange books to folders by selected parameter (i.e. by authors or genres)

Moving e-Library to another drive/computer

ebook management

If you need to move your e-Library to another drive or computer, the simplest way to do it is the following:
- move your ebooks and covers in any file manager
- open in Alfa: Tools -> File Finder
- select the new root folder of you library on the new computer/drive
- press Start, and the file paths in Alfa's database will be automatically updated by file name (or MD5)