Book Card

You can open Book Card by double-clicking on a book. Book Card contains the detailed information about the book: Book Title, Subtitle, Cover Thumbnail and Rating. Other book data is stored in the following tabs:

- Details - Publisher, Series, ISBN, Publish date, Price, Dimensions etc. It also contains the Custom Fields
- Genres - where you can assign multiple genres to the book
- Authors - where you can add one or several authors
- Tags - where you can add some tags
- Description - any book description in Rich Text format
- Contents - book's Table of contents
- Files - allows to link ebook file(s) to the book and perform various operations with it
- Front (Back) Cover - allows to link cover picture to the book and perform various operations on it

The Book Card toolbar contains the following tools:

- Update book parameters from the Web
- Open book file
- Edit file metadata (supports only PDF files)
- Retrieve ISBN from book file