Add covers manually

ebook database

Book covers are stored on your computer as image files. For easy cover management we recommend to create one separate folder for all book covers. You can set this folder in the program Options. By default, the program will ask you to select a folder for every cover when you try to save it.

Cover thumbnails are stored in the program database (not as separate files). If you wish, you can create only thumbnails and not save covers to your hard drive.

You can create a book cover and thumbnail in the following ways:

- add cover image in the Book Card (Cover Tab)
- add cover from Google Images in the Book Card (Cover Tab)
- extract cover from book file metadata (works for EPUB, MOBI, FB2, LRF, AZW, CHM)
- create cover from book file first page (works for PDF and CHM)
- download cover from book sites when adding/updating book from the Web

Cover thumbnails are created automatically from book covers. You can set the thumbnail size in the program Options. Besides, you can resize all thumbnails automatically.

Creating back covers

The program alows to create and store a back cover for each book. It is used in the 3D Book view. If the back cover is absent, the program generates back cover for 3D View automatically.

You can create back covers in the same way as front covers. But you can extract back cover from file in the Book Card only for PDF files.