Add books from the Web

ebooks search

You can search books on the popular book sites and add them to your database. Here is how:

1. Open Books -> Add from Web...
2. Select needed book sites in the Sites sidebar
3. Enter book title, author or ISBN to the search box and press Search
4. Select a book in the search results and press Save
5. The book will appear in the database. You can do multiple searches and save multiple books in the Web Search window.

Saving options

ebooks web

You can select, what book data will be saved from the web in the Update Options. Besides, you can set the folder to save downloaded book covers.

Besides, you can view and pre-edit book properties before saving it to the database. Just double-click the book in the Search results list and the Preview window will be opened. There you can edit or uncheck fields. Note that the check boxes are synced with the Update Options.

Merging book data from different sources

ebooks search

If you found a book on two or more sites, you can merge the results to select the most appropriate book properties:

1. Select the primary (most appropriate) book in search results and press Merge button
2. Select the other (secondary) book in the drop-down list of the right column
3. Replace the properties of the primary book. (You can open several secondary books to take data from)
4. Press OK and then save the primary book with updated properties.