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Date added - Date read

Hi. I'm trying this program and I come from GoodReads. I exported my csv and imported in AlfaEM.
All worked but the fields with dates.

I configured custom fields as Date Read and Date added, but then I read that they can be only text fields.
Are you planning on adding more date fields? It would be great

Thanks, a great program

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Hi, thanks!
Really for now all custom fields are text fields and until now we didn't have requests to add date field.
Add date - is one of standard fields in the book card, probably you can use it
And to sort by Read date - you can add it in format YYYT-MM-DD

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Thanks. That's a great idea for the read date.

But if in the future you consider adding more date fields, it'd be great.
Dates are important for us book lovers. We have the date of the edition we read, original edition (which you already have), when we bought it, when we started it and finally when we finished it and yes, they are all important :-)

I repeat. Great work and great program